Hi, my name is Louren :)

First varsity game today

So I missed my Algebra 2 test, so I’ll retake it tomorrow at lunch. I’ll do my 3-D model thing tomorrow morning in biology class. Anywaaaays, it was raining 15 minutes before we were about to start. We decided to wait it out at Kahala Mall and we walked around and stuff. There was this cute guy at Starbucks! And when everyone ordered, he only said my name. Omfg I felt so special! :’) By 4 we were back at Kalani and ready to play. I lost my match but that’s okay, I’ll kick ass on Saturday to redeem myself. I was so mad though, we lost so many points because of my errors. Congratulations to the girls singles for winning their matches and the second doubles and third doubles boys :) 

-I don’t even know why I have a 366, it’s not updated as often as it should be. 

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  1. maeminnie said: The Starbucks lol! everyone look at the counter. Don’t worry there is still more matches to come, you guys can do it! =)
  2. kayyyseeee said: imma help u kick ass next time!
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